Thursday, January 23, 2020

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The Virgin Queen of England Elizabeth I, daughter of King Henry VIII and his second wife Anne Boleyn, a reputable young queen who was only 25 years old when she earned the title The Queen of Great England in 1558. After being crowned a queen, Elizabeth started bringing success to her people and country that she had been recognized as one of the most successful and significant monarchs England ever had. Her noticeable character was engraved deep inside the history of England as a country and Europe as a continent; her mark could not have been passed by unnoticed, and it is only appropriate to bring light upon it. Early Life of Queen Elizabeth I: She witnessed her first hardship when she had been only three years old. Her father, King Henry VIII, had ongoing suspicions about her mother’s strange behaviors, for he had suspected his second wife, Anne, to be performing the dishonorable act of adultery with more than five men of the palace’s chambers, one of the suspects being her own brother, stirring out a crime of incest and linking it to Anne. He then ordered the execution of Anne on the false charges of adultery which then stripped Princess Elizabeth of her title and left her going by Lady Elizabeth instead. Since Elizabeth had been declared illegitimate, many believed that she would never obtain the title queen. Fortunately for her, fate had it differently planned it out, and she grew to be the famous Virgin Queen of England. Elizabethan Reign: Queen Elizabeth was an intelligent, courageous person. She could be described as the ideal queen of all times. Her bravery is one of the most admired traits which caused everyone in England to love her, based on her grand encounters. It was quite a popular detail of Elizabeth’s life th... ... the greatest and most powerful leaders that the world had ever known, when queen Elizabeth started to rule England, the country was already facing it’s hardest times ever, England was weak and poor more than that the army wasn’t stable and wasn’t strong enough compared to other countries and it had a very weak government, but just few weeks after she started to rule England, everything had changed for good, and things that she could have made it in years she did it only in few weeks , by having all the support and love of her people she was able to push Britain on top of every country to be one of the most powerful and feared countries, queen Elizabeth was one of the most effective rulers she didn’t just effect history but she also effected great writers and explorers, that without her being there England will never be known as much as it is in history right now. â€Æ'

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