Thursday, February 27, 2020

Help Desk Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words

Help Desk - Essay Example The frequent responses are irritation, tension, lack of concentration, headache and palpitation among others. .There is vital distinction in the way that people interact with their surroundings and as a result, it has extensive consequences in terms of survival. Stress is an implication that the pressures of the outside world are disturbing a person. The response to stress by an individual is often in such a way that it influences not only him/her but the surrounding as well. Due to the excessive stress in today's lifestyle, people usually perceive stress to be a harmful experience, whereas biologically, stress may be positive or neutral, not just negative. (Panzareno, 1) It is a natural response from a human that upon encountering a danger, the body starts to gear up by handling it through 'Fight or flight' principle. As a result of this, certain purposeful modifications take place in the body. Consequently, these changes continue until the danger continues. After the threat is gone, the body resumes its normal state and functioning. Such instantaneous, transitory effects are the 'short term effects of stress'. But when stress is constant or recurring, the body continues to secrete pertinent hormones as a result of which, the blood level stays constantly at an above normal point and thus the related modifications continue. The body then goes through stress along with an overburden which is because of the side effects of the steadily high level of stress hormones. As a result of this mechanism, certain irretrievable physiological costs in the brain and relevant physical indications such as organ damage take place. The long term symptoms among others include chronic head ache, mood swings, anxiety disorder, memory disturbances, heart attack, stroke, weight loss and sleeplessness. After the stress factor vanishes, it often happens that the manifestations of stress continue till the time that treatment is done for it. (SF, 1) Stressful Environment in Support Centre Users contact support centre very now and then with their technical issues. The anger and irritation of the users' often find Help desk agents as their targets, where they are vented out. Due to experiencing technical issues, users require a channel for their stress since it can't be taken out on a computer or a software. As a result, either deliberately or subconsciously, users victimize those who are assigned the task of making efforts to find solutions for their problems. This makes the agents, recipient of the stress to which they are exposed to. This situation is worsened even more when the help desk agents objectify the user while finding a technical problem solution; agents forget the fact that usually a "difficult" user is behaving in such a manner due to the stress which they are facing, it may often be termed as temporary insanity. When faced with moments of stress arising due to technical breakdown, users turn impolite and misbehave with the agents, even though their anger is about the problem

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